Diana Butucariu

My art pieces will change depending on how people comment on them. A series of stoneware
objects, not more than seven, placed on tall podiums, that also are made from clay. One side of the piece is plain clay. The other side has embedded in the surface a large number of led-lights, controlled by a
computer. On the "plain" side is a chair and a podium with a large red button. Pressing the button
lets the viewer leave a spoken comment about the piece. On the opposite side is another chair and a
pair of headphones. Sitting on the chair triggers a random stream of recorded comments about my
work. As the comments play, the leds in the clay light up in patterns that I program as a response to
that comment. As the exhibition progresses, more and more comments will accumulate together
with their custom visual.
We assume the artist is an individualist, offering a unique perspecitve of the world around us. The
truth is that the artistic pursuit loses meaning if it is disconnected from the rest of society. Creating in a vacuum is not only sad and discouraging, it can seem almost arrogant when the outside world is going through so much turmoil.

These thoughts come from the deep shift in perspective that a move to a foreign country gives.
What seems like individual pursuit from within a context can look rather more coherent and
conforming from the outside. By letting the audience here comment on my work and have it change
as a result of these comments I hope to engage in a constructive dialogue with the people that
ultimately have to understand and appreciate my art in order for me to be able to stay here.
Hopefully we learn something about each other, and with luck my art will also benefit.